Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nudism. Getting it out

southsea nudist beach fort cumberland
 So you think it's going to be an easy day. We bimbled about and did small housework jobs, took some rubbish to the tip and spent far too much in giant Tesco. It was still sunny and warm so we loaded up to go to the nudist beach (the one with the free car park) which is when we got the Random BBQ text from the JoniBobs.
nudist beach portsmouthThe beach was busy and some people had earrings in their nipples. I took my new mask and snorkel and swim ring and tried repeatedly to swim in the cold sea but it just wasn't the same as swimming in the pool.
playing in the lego roomI kept coming out and demanding towels and different shoes in case it made the sea warmer. After an hour and a half of stopping Jof reading, we gave up and turned up late to the BBQ.
The whole Puddlegroup was there but because we were so late the numbers reduced soon enough but I got some quality Legotime, all the time knowing that under my clothes, I was still a nudist.
Later I was still argumentative and didn't want to do what I was told so Jof took my lego away.

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