Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chasing my tail

childrens play area coloured stool and rocking horse
I could do with more of these 3-day weekends.
Today we had a school trip to Old Portsmouth and the dockyard. We searched for old things and learnt about the history of the cathedral, the bombed roofless church and the cobbled streets. We were allowed an ice cream and I was so hot I took off my coat and shoes but wasn't allowed to take my trousers off. The whole class followed suit.
rotating gyrating basket gameThen we routemarched to Gunwharf where we did bowling, I won my group with a strike and 308 points but I wasn't overall winner. That was George that does Beavers with me 'cos he is about twelve.
After school it was still not raining so after we'd completed the investment of my latest £1000 and I'd scribbled on all the bank brochures, we hit the park for some swinging.
Early night for all of us.

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