Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sneeze me a lullaby, Duchess

chromatography experiment results trichocereus peruvianus vatican translation error poopiness the holeBragged about my gymnastics medal at school. Today we performed our countries of the world song, project exhibition and hat parade. Some had to explain the local area with a block graph traffic survey of the main road, some explained that there was a golden ship in the RC cathedral and I had to identify the animal I represented in a sotto voce stage whisper. Due to idiocy and bad parenting, Bud didn't show up so dragged him round the classrooms afterwards. My hat seen here, represents a tortoise, pronounced Tor-toyse to aid in spelling. boy and his 2 girlfriends
Our chromatography experiment has finished due to a massive civilisation of mould in both pots. The rings have worked but they're not really colourful, more a series of spludgy greenish-coloured patches. So we have tried again, with a better cut of blotting paper and fresh petal-only liquid, no green at all. Once I'd read some Alice in Wonderland he suggested I see if Poppy was free but I elected to watch TV.
Just when we were expecting Jof back, Pops came to collect me so she'd have someone to play with while her parents had a barbecue. We played circuit training by manoeuvring a plastic bowl around the garden using brooms, trucks and fishing nets, as you do.

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