Monday, 7 May 2012

Ye Midwynter May Fayre

gotcha mural portsmouthIt was a lovely hot sunny day in Botswana as we made our way to the May Fayre in the rain. We saw a mural that must be by one of my colleagues in the Portsmouth Free Art collective. It was quite muddy and cold but I quickly found it was nicer inside the church where there was a display of model trains, an owl and many model ships. There was the Jaws boat, the Nautilus, US D-Day landing craft, fishing trawlers and all sorts.
On the common ground near the church, a coven of Wiccans got married by some druids with Morris Dancers, the Greene Manne and a chimney sweep as witnesses. riding helmets at the fairbubble wand and liquid
giant bubble swordThe JoniBobs arrived and claimed the ground under the same gathering tree as last year, which made it simpler. I took Bob and waited ages to go on the horses, which I have been looking forward to all year. They were smelly and large, but great fun.
st marys church portsea may fayreErin and Elizabeth arrived but Ben didn't as he had inlaws again. Nearby there was an army laserquest type practice ground but you had to be 8 or above to use the laser guns so we used the fold-up stools as assault rifles and ran around shooting each other. Gradually we all obtained bubble guns or swords or water pistols of various designs and used them as well. The rain stopped and the sun came out, which surprised us all.
rose in june pub garden portsmouthThe Fayre had all the usual traditional village Fayre attractions, dancing girlies, Morris Men, rides, mud, trampolines, stalls, burger vans, a beer tent, and many purveyors of cheap'n'nasty stuff out of the 50p shop. I had sausage inna bun and met Zak and Zena, both ex-Puddlers. Eventually the beer ran out which was our cue to leave. As per last year, the group walked to the Rose In June pub near the lifers prison. They've done up the garden really well, all the nettles are roped off , the climbing tree is bigger and they've put in some climbing frames. There's enough space to play football and we had the whole garden to ourselves.
 A couple more pints later it was time to go and we hopped, danced and hootled our way down the road and home. A very enjoyable day all round.

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