Friday, 1 June 2012

Never gonna give you up.....

getting coins out of a fountain First day of the holidays so was up nice and early. Once Jof had gone to work we left the house for Dorset. I carseat-boogied along to a load of C-list tunes from a cheapo 80's compilation CD: from Rick Astley (AKA Hack Wristley) to Footloose, my favourite. After the obligatory roadworks and trundling tractor and doddering granny we got to Dorchester where I demanded a go in the exercise park. We found a nearby road to park in for free and tried out all the exercise machines. They're obviously gearing up for a Jubilee party in the park as it was full of big marquees. The water splashpark was active and several little people got very wet but I was none of them.
wheelchair user in the countryside Using only one magnet on a stick I retrieved some coins from the fountain and then it was time to press on. We made Grandma and Grandads' house dead on time and I ate 2 and a half pork pies for lunch. We composted a dozen dead potted plants.
paperwork for recyclingIn the afternoon we all went for a walk, 2 and a bit miles around the country lanes up and down some vertiginous inclines, Bud pushed Grandma all the way. It's the first time she'd been out of the house in a month so she was overjoyed to see the countryside again, but was a bit scared of the hill going down - that's when we found the wheelchair had an emergency seatbelt!
Then I played golf in the back garden while Bud forced them to get rid of another half-ton of obsolete paperwork and associated accoutrements eg a 1970s hostess trolley, a comprehensive collection of calendars of the 1980's (at least 6 from each year) and a large bag of assorted suitcase handles.
For supper I had 4 chips, half a fish finger and a surprise sulk. This led to an early bath and bed, maybe I'll be a good boy tomorrow.

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