Friday, 8 June 2012

May the wind at your back never be your own

high winds
After about 12 hours' sleep I bounced back to life with egg and blood pudding on toast. Today has weather warnings for wind so we headed off to the seafront to see if they were right. They were. The place was almost deserted apart from some grandparents accompanying little girls in pink coats so we had a quick play in Canoe Lake Splash Pad and found that the beach had been scoured clean of stones and people. We were the only ones there.a very blustery windy day on the beach

The adverse weather conditions were quite funny but we didn't have an ice cream. orville cat helicopter
In other news, Dutchman Bart Jansen stuffed and modified his deceased cat into a stable 4-prop remote-controlled helicopter. Reactions at the Amsterdam art fair where he exhibited "Orvillecopter" were mixed. I think it's funny.
empty beer barrels at irving breweries coshamOnce he'd got back from his run (soaked by waves coming over sea wall by sea life centre) we hot-footed it to Irving Breweries near big Sainsburys' in Cosham, trying to get there and to swimming lessons in only 28 minutes.
invincible admiral type 42 frigate beers irving pumpsIt was a smelly place where you stick to the floor and it had one man who didn't understand our need for speed so he sold us some beer in a leisurely fashion. There were massive tanks and bicycles on a mezzanine level that didn't look safe and some old glasses and festival awards and lots of barrels and pictures of men brewing beer.
Got to swimming 5 minutes late, didn't matter. Helped Jof decorate cakes for the party tomorrow, she's made a red/white/blue trifle that's bigger than me, hope they're all hungry.

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