Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bionicle Ben: the longest day

alzheimers old timers jokeSummer equinox me up, Scotty. You can be sure I've been lording it at school all day about my upcoming inaugural broadcast, probably earning me a clout from Erin.
Today was the promised Ben. I haven't seen him for ages apart from yesterday so he came round today to play with the bionicles and lego electric train and to eat Wotsits, for we are a simple folk with simple desires.
Straight away we disappeared into my bedroom for heroism. Ben made FireKing and I made ClawKing, and we made a lot of fireking loud clawking noises.
lego building session in bedroomAt some point snacks beckoned so we came downstairs to look at his new book, which is about football and footballers. He is currently obsessed with Stephen Gerrard and his second novella will be a biography of the Scouse captain. Some may remember that his first publication was "The life cycle of the hovercraft" which went aluminium in 8 countries.
stephen gerrard england footballer book
By now we were in the Lego room (not the Lego Hero room) and got busy with the train and associated bits. Later, in what with 20:20 retrospect I now agree was a tactical error, we decided to dismantle not only the track but the trains as well, forgetting that it took us 3 days to build the £100 set in the first place and that's why they live in their own special box. Ho Hum: they shall be reincarnated at some point in the future. It's 'cos Ben's so stupid.... who am I kidding. It's my fault. Everything's my fault, just like Bud keeps telling me. Well, apart from Enosis/Grexit, I'm not taking the rap for that.....

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