Saturday, 16 June 2012

Free systems upgrade with bonus package!

massive lego hero collection from charity shopI have a sore throat so breakfast was orange jelly. However we set off on the normal bottlebank trip with hearts held high (a good trick if you can do it). In the charity shop we didn't get a 20p car. We didn't get a bath fizzer. But some kid had ditched his Lego Bionicle (compatible cousin of Lego Heroes) collection and so we spent a frenetic 20 minutes emptying out the 20p bargain bucket. We finally came away with enough Lego Bionicle bits to make 6 complete Bionicles with a healthy selection of pugnacious add-ons, several of which I've never seen before. This cost us the princely sum of £2, and the coup was comparable in volume to my existing Lego Hero collection. We then had to go next door to the we-are-closing-down shop and get a bigger box. The hero box I already had will now be used for my 20p cars, because their box was small and broken. Upgrade me up, Scotty. Umad, Ben?
lego setup with humansAfter lunch Jof took me to Toys'R'us. I got 2 Moshi monsters and a Lego railway station for the Lego electric train. It has a taxi, bridge over the 4 extra bits of track and sliding doors in the station building.

boy in bathWho knows what I've done to deserve all this. We spent ages making the station and lots of humans to wait at it, then I lost interest and started setting up "Frustration", a game Jof bought for us all. Bud lost interest and went to do the washing up.
Thank goodness for bath fizzer night.

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