Thursday, 7 June 2012

Monsoon! Or, Hosepipe ban my bottie

chandlers ford scouting association campsiteAwoke under canvas to an amber alert weather warning for torrential rain and damaging winds. Next year can I go camping in the desert where they're not allowed weather?
While I was gone, initial preparations were made for the PuddleParty Comedy Burnalong. Items secured for burning so far:
23 Cracklebombs - more than enough for everyone
102 Assorted cardboard tubes
360 Corks
3 Cable drums
1 Freaky Boy Scout
sad campfire in the rainIn the morning we did the Olympics which was throwing the egg, Nerf Gun attack, throwing straw and Jumping. Alfie got a gold medal but I didn't: I did get an access all areas official ID which I suspect will break all sorts of copyrights should the real Olympic committee find out.
Food was great - they provided it there and the Scouts cooked it for us. The sleeping tents were mixed-sex and us Beavers had a 3-pod 12-man tent all to ourselves. Bluebird had to tell Pod 2 to be quiet twice after lights out.
chemival toilet in flapping tentWe did the hike today and learnt all about trees and the ivy that infests them. We crossed a bridge over the motorway. We got tuck but had to pay for it using tokens we won for completing activities and tasks: all tokens were computer hard drive components from Buds' work which was handy. Next year I might take a secret stash and devalue the currency by introducing counterfeit tokens into the Scouting economy.
Going to the toilet wasn't great, it did have its own tent, though.
We did have a camp fire and a few songs but it's difficult to do either, really, when you're underwater.
Overall it was a great success and I want to go again next year. OK, so he forgot my raincoat and trainers, and on the way back we forgot the sleeping bag and all the canteen equipment, but who's complaining? (Jof) But at least we managed to pick up Crystal and deliver her home.
Cubs, Scouts and Beavers aren't allowed baths upon returning home from camp. This is because they have a tendency to fall asleep in the bath and drown due to excessive tiredness. I had a shower and hit the sack. No canvas was involved. I quarkled for far too long but succumbed in the end. My intentions are to return next year, preferably as a Cub so I get an extra night.

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