Saturday, 23 June 2012

Brothers and sisters (pump up the William)

leather bondage gear with handcuffs graffiti, dungeon and whipAfter my bionicle victory at the charity shop last week, we walked to Fratton where there's a greater concentration of such shops and went in all 5. OK, so we only came out with 2 fizzers, a truck and a book called Dragon Mountain, but it was still worth it.
portsmouth football club specks lane wall graffiti
On the way back we passed by Portsmouth Football Club's home turf and admired the out-of-this-world graffiti. It's constantly renewed and there's so much wall space that everyone seems to have a go. A lot of it is "Tags" which are pretty impenetrable but many are clear and all are made by skilled hands.krazy caves fratton portsmouth party venue
 Today is Masons' birthday party at unknown venue "Krazy Kaves". Mason is a new boy in my class, he came up from Rabbits when Rohit was demoted for being too stupid. We have bought him a Lego racing car. The format was the same, Bud played 'silly assassin' and I attacked him with help from Harvey, George A, Teddy and many other unknowns who spotted the opportunity to beat up an adult (little do they know) and joined in. During the party food bit afterwards, I did the obligatory wearing 3 hats as devil horns and then something new - a hat-throwing fight broke out and the staff had to come in and restore order. soft play activity
When we got home, Ben was standing by our front door, which was a nice surprise. Jof had arranged a game of cricket as Ben and his Dad had been ejected from their house so fumigation could take place. We legoed and legoed while housework was done around us.
balancing testEventually we did venture to the park and had a most enjoyable if disorganised game of rounders in amongst the piles of dog poo: we found the small football flew better without getting blown away by the wind. We all got a go batting, bowling and fielding.
On the way back we had a go in swingpark for you cannot pass up a chance to spin a 2 year-old too fast on the turning wheel. Originally the plan was to watch TV while Bud went for a run but parklife is much better. Gardeners' corner: 35 different species of flowers in our back garden today.
During bath fizzer night I played with my submarine so youtube videos to follow were: clips of subs test-firing tomahawk missiles and a montage of nuclear explosions and their associated destruction. They're such big bombs that even their light is poisonous so we can't ever use them.

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