Friday, 29 June 2012

Close but no saguaro

cats falling down funny Happy Friday, which, in this case, is also Measuring Day! I am six-and-one-half years old this afternoon (just in time for the second broadcast of "Neighbours") so I shall be measured again.
Here are 2 cats which have obviously been to the same pub as the PuddleParents and now have late-night Moggie Munchies.
Holy Poodles, it was a day of achievements.
atomic bomb detonation in crayon and coloured pensToday was the sponsored bounce-a-thon (and sunshine awareness day) and I bounced on a bouncy castle for money, precisely the opposite of the usual seafront fair activities. Thus we were all in shorts and sunglasses, which made it fun when it suddenly rained heavily at pickup time.
Erin and I were both representing 'Portugal' in the Olympic sports and as winners, we got Gold Certificated Awards and wristbands. Unfortunately I still call them Fertificates, just goes to show I'm Olde Englysh.
We have found out what classes we will be in next year and I will be a Year 2 Badger, with Erin and LittleMax, which has made me quarkle with joy.
I got into the Golden book for going up a reading level to 'Purple'.
I got my Level 1 swimming Fertificate for ascending to the dizzy heights of Orange Hat.
I got some new shoes that I have declared acceptable. I have grown 2.6 centimetres in the last quarter, now a stunning 117.3 cm. For an encore I drew a mushroom cloud.

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