Sunday, 10 June 2012

Aftermath, the day of nothing

monster with six eyes drawingAt 0200 today my legs started to hurt so I howled at Jof and she rubbed them better. She was unimpressed as she wanted some sleep after her busy day, maybe I can self-medicate next time?
It was a very lazy day. I got to have lots of TV time and Lego time and a private showing of Happy Feet 2 while they were washing up and hoovering and getting all the flags down and so forth. Meals were leftovers at arbitrary times: I drank melon pressé, a veritable lemonparty in my mouth. Then we discovered the banners that Erin, Beth and I had spent so much time making but failed to put up yesterday. And the bubble mixture that nobody wanted. So I made myself a flag anyway, can you see what it is? Yes. It is a monster with 6 eyes. I stayed in my pyjamas all day, how decadent!

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