Wednesday, 13 June 2012

SillyBillyTilly on demand

princess leia texting obi wan kenobi you're my only hope
Even tho' I tried to warn ya
The local girls would likely scorn ya
Ever since you were born ya
Tried to move to California
There was a brief gap in the monsoon, so  took the chance of a Wednesday park.
shirtless schoolchildren playing in the parkThe JBs had seen us crossing the road and got in before Ben, then later we had a bonus Pops and Baby Edward. We swung and climbed and argued over who was on whose football team and all got a thwack from Boberts' light sabre.
light sabre and walking on the fence
The sun came out and it was warm! Not surprising, as it's mid-June, as long as it isn't actually pouring, it's nice.
We played the football-tag hide'n'seek combo game with our shirts off until Ben kicked his big heavy football right into my forehead and got a straight red card from Madame Gazelle, his mother. We ambled off pretty soon after that. On the way home I scored a date with Pops tomorrow and as we opened the door, the phone rang and it was the gymnastics centre telling me I'd got to the top of the waiting list! I've been there before so I won't be a noob. What a day.....

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