Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Church! Or, My investigating feet

portsmouth c of e high street old portsmouthIt was my idea to reprise the school trip of a couple of weeks ago: it was received well by my elders so off we went, after a frantic search for the Beaver shirt I shall have to wear tomorrow.
11th century churchPortsmouth cathedral is on the High Street in Old Portsmouth and very flash it is too. I particularly liked the golden ship which was the weathervane: Jof liked the 11th century bit where all the gravestones are in the floor and have dates like 1657, he liked the cannonball which was sent over from Gosport by Cromwell and we all liked the roof which kept the rain off as it has been fixed since the cannonball.
roofless church from ww2 bomb incendiary damageWe've missed the tour of the tower by 2 days but it'll be open again for Heritage weekend in September. portsmouth garrison churchWatch this space.

Then we swam across the road to the Old Garrison Church which is really only half a church because the main roof was burnt down by a German incendiary bomb. We thank the resident verger and passing group of soldiers that saved the choir stalls and altar area. Inside the end bit with the altar I pointed out the secret tunnel entrance which is to a set of very old and knackered spiral steps, I wasn't allowed very far up the tower but if the old dear with the big key was out of the way I just know we'd be fine. I played the organ a bit but it wasn't switched on.
game of twister with 6 year oldsWe found an unexpected but very tasty lunch at the Still and West and we got a window seat and watched loads of ferries going to and from the Isle of Wight and France. We retrieved the car only 25 minutes after the parking had run out and got home and put the lights and heating on, for it is June.
That's when Elizabeth came round to see if I could play. I could. We drew at twister but then Bud beat me in only his first game. Then she took me home.
For an hour and a half we played cafes and restaurants. We took it in turns to play all the catering roles, I was manager, head chef etc, Beth had a cock up on the catering front and her Dad left the restaurant without paying. When it was hometime I hid under the sofa and it took 3 adults to find me, for I am a highly trained operative of invisible space.
In the evening we cut up crepe paper for the bran tub and got me ready for Beaver camp, won't I need a canoe to reach the campsite? I beat Jof at Monopoly by £8196. Sic transit Venus, right?

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