Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Right Royal hot flush

Today we learnt about Sri Lanka. It is a big island where people grow tea on mountains and 100,000 people were killed by a giant salami wave that washed away all their houses.
On the way to Wednesday park today I found a red rose just lying there on the pavement, so I took it with us and presented it to JBs' mum for her birthday, for I am learning.
Us chaps had 3 footballs and 3 lightsabres so there were a few arguments and howls as fingers were clouted. But we also had a big feast of doughnuts and stuff in our "Radio Station" under the slide platform and played many games of "attempt to hit me with the football".
We did swinging and kept jumping off, Ben is quite good at it but Johnny lands on his face mostly, apart from the time he landed on his arm and we wondered whether he'd broken it like I did. They were supposed to be going to Gunwharf for their Mums' birthday treat, so a detour to A+E broken bones department would have been most unwelcome.
My school has challenged us to find as many of the 29 Olympic 50p pieces as possible. Jof has cheated somewhat as she had a new delivery of coin today and she grabbed 3 bagfuls. Surely I should get some kind of medal.....we got 24/29 on the first 3 bags. She'll swap 2 bags' worth tomorrow.

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