Monday, 11 June 2012

A rude awakening

funny fail no shooting sign
Just when I was getting used to days spent with my friends (and that includes the TV) I'm back to school in the rain. I return to the nightmare of spelling tests and show'n'tells and new books and times-tables and rained-off breaktimes.
arrangement of cheap toy vehiclesThe new TV regimen starts today: 90 minutes max (pun intended) per day, small details such as doesn't count when we're eating and watching the cricket etc. I was given the choice of read a book or start on my allocation (15 mins used up already today on breakfast) and chose to play toy cars instead. However when it was washing up/making lunches time, I had to sit on a chair in the kitchen and read from my library book to my captive audience, which I dreaded. The book was Cars of all Varieties. It starts with sports cars and luxury cars and F1 cars and dragsters. I couldn't get enough. If it wasn't for the funny foreign names and phrases (Schumacher, Lamborghini and Grand Prix?) I'd have sailed through it. Tomorrow I start on monster trucks! Maybe the subject matter is key to igniting interest.
In Beavers I got a badge for doing a sleepover.
The loft
Before the PuddleParty last Saturday, we had a well-organised loft with sections for Xmas, books, party, wallpaper etc. But since we've valiantly put everything back up after the event, the party section now has been split into:
Bubbles - swords, mixture, blowers etc
Flags - one full box and plenty on top
Glassware - jugs, fancy glasses etc
Candles. Not fork handles, but holders, tea lights, goes on for 6 bags
Waterguns. It was too cold and rainy last week. When the sun returns (2015) we'll be ready

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