Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Boys are back in town

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Victories in school today: I have been awarded a certificate for choosing the winning book in the "Picture Book Category 2012" as run by the school library service. I am in the dark about this as much as you.
I also did a self-portrait with purple shoulder length hair: I freely admit it makes me look like a girl but I had to smack Bud when he asked if that was a deep-down desire.
In other news, the world is honoured that I am to do my first telecast from Fratton Park football ground in July. The Olympic Torch will be lit in an early-morning ceremony broadcast live around the world. There will also be a dance performance, a singathlon, a speech by the Mayor, poetry performance, breakfast and chance to meet Linvoy Primus (again) and some sports challenges and street dancing - all before school starts! Holy Poodles! OK, so I'm one of 450 schoolchildren attending the televised event, but I'm gonna be famous, baby.....
canoe lake waterpark southsea portsmouth
This was the last day of sun before the next weather front kicks off. We knew this so Jof suggested we go to Canoe Lake splashpark instead of normal swingpark. The JoniBobs were unable to come because of some kind of gardening project but Mr Ben met me there while I was playing with the Flynn/Eva/Cosmo collective. There were many little people in the waterpark area and many of them were nude or soon were as one little delinquent with a taste for removing and stamping on his own pants gave this sterling idea to all the others. This made decent photos difficult to acquire. Anyway we splashed and danced and quarkled in that strange ululating way that only children in fountains can do. Problem was, the sun had gone in a bit and there was an onshore breeze so soon enough (once Ben had weed against a tree in full sight of the car park) we disembarked from the squirt-O-tron and dried off for snack #1. Then it was a predictable move back to the tunnel for some digging and arm wrestling with some random kid who was older but thinner.
red plastic hat and train whistle in ice cream
Snack 2 saw us back on the benches for football and that special kind of lawn tennis where you try to throw the ball into the tree. Our reward for no apparent reason was ice creams from the horrendously aromatic cafe by the lake. We both chose the "Clown" shove-able lolly thing with silly red hat and integral train whistle which made a passable toot unless you really blew hard, in which case it made a strangled squeak that brought every dog for miles bounding over to eat us. Here we are with our plastic hats: Ben is sporting that special colic-rictus that speaks of many years crouching over a small bucket. On the way home we passed the JoniBobs parked outside the Deep Blue Fish'n'chip emporium so we know they're OK.
In the end we thank Jof for her typical maternal interference as the change of venue was very welcome, even if the weather didn't hold up its end of the bargain. We both had a great time and there was no hint of whinge whatsoever.
Sang myself to sleep with the special ditty - "I'm going to be on TeeVee, Ah'm gonna be on TV, I'm gonna be on TV....."

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