Monday, 4 June 2012

Claret! Or, The hole in the fence II

sewer pipes off eastney pumping stationThis morning I cut my finger on a Swiss army penknife that was in a cupboard in the office, practically asking for it, I tell you. I needed 2 plasters. What a lazy day we had. Well, I had. I now have 5 x £500 notes in Monopoly, shouldn't be too long now.
While he ran we did shopping (yawn) but then we decided to do some investigation at or around Fort Cumberland. This sprawling fortress and associated MOD buildings is derelict and overgrown, and occupies an enviable corner position between the sewage treatment plant and the nudist beach.
sump on nudist beach portsmouthIt also has 2 free car parks and lots of stuff to play on, especially at low tide. We arrived at lowest water so got on the giant sewage outflow pipes just when a fisherman on the pier above hooked a big fish and it was lifted to its doom right past us.
inside restricted area MOD propertyThen we threw a lot of rocks into the rockpools to make big splashes, because you have to. The waterfall needed damming again so we used the same large bits of rusty scrap metal we had retrieved before and put in a good half an hour filling it with rocks. Nobody was naked.
On the way back we noticed a hole in the fence to the fort: it was clear of razor wire too so had a nose around inside the fenced-off area. The sewage plant also had a hole in their fence but there's not much to see there, didn't spend long inside.
By the time our 2 hours was up the sun was out and it was lovely. Won't be tomorrow.
Dictionary corner: the Word of the Day is  "Pub-ify" - the act of buying the 5th house on a Monopoly property which changes it into a hotel.
Tonight I am sleeping in a sleeping bag on my own bedroom floor, to practice for the Beaver camp.

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