Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Let thighbones be thighbones

babies are screaming monsters that dribble funny meme
To school today in gym kit as I'm walking to Rubys' school for a gymnastics festival. Then this afternoon is my first day back at the gymnastics centre. So, a physical day, then. I got a certificate but then so did everybody else.
In other news, Bud and Jof have been married 13 years today (not unlucky for me) and Blind Uncle Len will get fired and crunched into dust next Tuesday so Jof will have to take me to Gym on the bus. Today it took half a hour to get there and half an hour back - rush hour.
alexandra park north end hilseaErin has 3 guinea pigs (they must have multiplied already) - Patch, Spot and Splat.
England even managed to win at football again!

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