Friday, 22 June 2012

Heri et cras: dies nobis

waterskiing for fun in a mud pondHappy Friday to all!
lovers on cushionsI got a sticker for  neat handwriting and a head bump note. I wonder if the two are related.
At swimming today I managed to swim the whole length of the pool without stopping or holding on to the side - the only pupil to do that! I must be improving.....
As we were parking Pops tootled us as she parked next to us. Obviously that was an invitation to her house so I disappeared into her wendy-house outside to play with her and her rabbit which seems to want to poo in the playhouse rather than on the lawn, which is traditional for rabbits. She now has a bed, chaise longue, chairs and a carpet in there so we got up to all sorts for ages. After all, she is the equal top most beautiful girl in my friend-circle.
Eventually I was dragged home for supper and the Germany Vs Greece Euro Football match which is a match made in economists' heaven - the bailout Derby.

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  1. Gosh that is good swimming Mr Max. Mr Ben still tries to stop down the length. And he struggles with butterfly!


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