Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Camp! Or, Going canvas

overloaded backpack and sleeping bag with matAt last the day of official abandonment is here! Alfie and his Mum arrived at ours for the lift we'd promised them and we bundled into the car with our giant backpacks.
4 man tent on scout camping expeditionThe campsite was easy to find and we queued up waiting for the gates to open. Loads of my Beaver friends arrived at the same time and we all played in the huge beech hedge of one of the huge expensive houses opposite the entrance to the forest clearing where I shall spend the next 30 hours.
chandlers ford district campsite scout camp marquee and canteenThe Scout group had applied for and received a grant from the Hampshire Community Fund so had bought a fridge, marquee and more. Just as we all got into the marquee it started to rain which I suspect will be a prime feature of this woodland adventure.
Alfie cried a bit as the parents got ready to go but I didn't, for I will be too busy to spend time on frivolous emotions. Then without further ado they left us to it.
Amongst the activities on offer are the Olympics, when we got there the cubs were throwing javelins. Baloo (big leader man) was wearing an outfit made entirely of Union Jacks.
We were all in bed by 9pm which is when the raincoat and trainers we'd left behind were mysteriously delivered to the campsite.

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