Monday, 18 June 2012

Ode to Cheese (Fromage Homage)

human cannibalism funny memeThe beginning of an even more complicated week. Today my name was pulled from the sorting hat and I will indeed be accompanying the Olympic Torch on its historic journey through Pompey. I may yet get detailed for the 0645 ceremony, so there might be historic histrionics. Aha.
beaver scout shirt and school uniformAs it was sunny we hit the park but Erin was busy. I hooked up with some small people and played throw the ball into the tree. This enabled me to get lots of fresh mud into my damaged knees, thanks Bud for putting me in shorts on this lovely hot day full of running around.
At Beavers I drew aeroplanes and spelt my surname incorrectly but did some aerial bombardment of key military targets by flying around going "Rrrrr-rrr" and dropping beanbags onto people. Second pudding was the top-end Cornish ice cream from BensMum.

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