Thursday, 28 June 2012

Leave it, Gerald, it's not worth it

we saw this coming troll irl future readers
This selection of freaky fungi were waiting for me this morning in one of the recently repotted chili plant pots. Just goes to show that even mushrooms love our magic compost.
incompletely rotted compost with mushrooms still growing in it
Today I took Blind Uncle Lens' metal replica soldiers to school for my show'n'tell. I had to pass them all around but I got them all back.
Thursday is my one day off from the eternal roundelay of official post-school activities. Other PuddleBoys have reinstated Thursday football but my height has not kept pace with theirs and I just can't compete.
2 bottoms poking out of a tentBut as we walked home, there was a vision in pink on our street which was Level 7 Babe "Pops". We discovered her mums' car window had been left open all day so we climbed in and played with the radio and hooter, which pleased all the neighbours. I was finally retrieved after 2 and a half hours of playing fun. I liked the 2 lifesize blow-up flamingoes, the medals and the big pink floral tent, which we zipped ourselves into and rolled around on the floor giggling for ages. Just like after the sleeping bag fun of a couple of weeks ago, we both emerged pink and panting.
We're still 2 off the full collection of Olympic sports-related 50p coins, but I've still done my bit for the team.

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