Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Goodbye Blind Uncle Len

custom sized furry claws slipper error
Today is a bit strange in that Bud is away for the whole day so Jof has to take me to school and pick me up, then get me to Gymnastics on the bus. Therefore this shall be an automated posting that I will improve upon once I have downloaded the experiences of the day to my ghost writer.
Both of them got me up today so I couldn't get away with ignoring the alarm clock, then it was into shorts and T-shirt as today is part of Gym Week. Today it was the Olympic Games and I played the part of 'Portugal'. The games were:
Jump through the hoops
Jump on the CD-sized spots (1st place)
Basketball dribble
Potato + spoon race (1st place)
Throw beanbags at the circles with scores
The final points results are not in yet, but Portugal only had 6 players whereas all the other countries had 7. In keeping with the cultural traditions of our adopted nation, we shall roll around on the floor screaming and clutching our faces.
Some time ago, I took in some number rocks for my show'n'tell. My teacher Mr Harberd found one on the beach and gave it to me. He went to college with Pete Codling, their maker.
In the afternoon we took the second bus to Gymnastics after the first one drove right past us without stopping. I nearly got my level 6 badge but cannot as I'm not strong enough to do a chinup. Jof bought me a packet of Hula-hoops and one of them was a mutant - a Hula-Tube.
Outside the Mountbatten Centre is a swingpark I have visited many times. But it has been upgraded! It now has a new road layout area with traffic lights and a give way sign, 2 new spinning things and a caterpillar see-saw.
coins and medalroyal british legion flagbearer at funeralHe drove for miles to Worthing to collect Cousin Margaret and then on to Kent. The church (and everyone in it) was old, grey and up a hill which was fun for Grandmas' wheelchair. There were songs and prayers and he read out a poem. Len spoke 7 languages and served in the Army, Civil Service and probably a couple more agencies, due to wartime secrecy. He was President of several charities, Beneficial organisations etc including the British Legion. Then there was a party at the pub over the road and then it was back to the house to pick up some paintings and stuff. I got a set of little toy soldiers and he got a nice veneered box full of commemorative coins and medals. 

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