Saturday, 2 June 2012

Waking up to the sound of birdsong

tallest lide in my world, covered in birdshitNow birdsong is supposed to be a pleasant noise to wake up to. It's certainly better than the usual ambulance sirens, bin lorries and traffic noises of downtown Pompey, but these birds really went for it, like an overdone jungle soundtrack.
After breakfast we took Grandad and all the rubbish from yesterday down to the tip. The Municipal Refuse and Recyling Technicians said they didn't have the facilities to recycle Grandad so we had to take him away again. But I managed to post all the paperwork through the letterbox format skip and away we went, half a ton lighter.
graffiti in storm drain concrete tunnelWhile he went shopping we investigated the little swingpark (tallest slide in the world) and the river. we also found a storm drain overflow (flood defences) which was echoey.
copper and meat wagonAfter lunch we made it home in a record 1 hour 44 mins and went straight down to the Milton Fayre in the grounds of the mad hospital. We were quite late but I saw lots of schoolfriends and some Beaver Buddies. I bounced on both castles and climbed up the fire engine and got locked in the meat wagon by a policeman who must have been 7 foot 13. Luckily I had 30 pieces of silver on me so was released. The bonny bouncing busty babes I was banged up with were not so lucky.
While Jof was in the 3 hour ice cream queue, Bud absconded for a run and the Popses showed up, ostensibly so they would be tired enough to sleep on the 7-hour nightmare car journey that faces them tonight on their visit to the Grandparents in Trouble at T'mill land. Then we resumed Monopoly.
I wave regally to all and offer my best wishes that all shall enjoy the Jubilee period. Terrible shame we didn't spread chicken-poo fertiliser around due to the monsoon we endured circa 11pm.

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