Saturday, 3 September 2011

You're only mad once. But it lasts 80 years

museum exhibit removed terrifying to small childrenStarted well with a walk in the park and meetings with 3 schoolmates, be seeing them again in a couple of days. Bud started painting again so he'd emptied the lounge of furniture - it all went into the dining room. Therefore the dining room was a Class A potential den situation. I denned it up to the nines, arranged all my police and army planes around it and then invited Pops round to be Queen of Dens. This meant I didn't have to watch Bud painting and I was out of the way. Jof got home from work, had lunch (during which she had to move twice as the ceiling was being painted) and left us alone to go and visit Nanna. I went back to Pop's place and got myself another dinner invite, getting to be a habit, I've obviously learnt the magic words.
I was returned by PopsMum at 8pm (but surely, life begins at 8?) who came round to view the painting progress (3 walls done in lame khaki) and so Pops and I sang our latest song to Bud ("Buttox, Buttox, Buttox") very loudly.
Saturday night is bath fizzer night. Also terrible danger night with the radio in the bathroom with its extension cables etc. Nobody died. Hurrah.


  1. Lame khaki!!! I'll have you know that the colour is a very classy 'stone' colour which goes much better with the lame khaki in your curtains!!!! As promised your room WILL look fabulous........keep the faith!!

  2. Indeed. It has since been renamed "Castle" as it closely resembles the mortar/stone construction of Pevensey castle.
    Don't expect us chaps to understand things like "it goes with....."


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