Saturday, 17 September 2011

53 at last

pizza hut birthday meal with unlimited saladAwoke at 9-ish after going to bed past 11 (too busy laughing). Today was my first gymnastics session at Ruby and Millie's school, their new sports hall is very swish and goes on for ages. I got very frightened before the session and hid behind Bud's legs but as soon as it started I was bang into it and I was the best trampoline jumper even though I was 3rd smallest in the class of 16.
Ex-Puddler Kiera was there as well, she keeps turning up, didn't we send her to Coventry? As we arrived a massive group of girlies in the 7-9 region all dressed in ballet leotards came out of one of the many gym rooms, it was very unnerving as they all twittered past, both of us were quite scared. There's a set of twin girls in my group, unfortunately very ugly. I see a bright if seasonal future for them in panto.
business till of the bank, deserted cashiers deskThen we bussed into town so Jof could lead us round many shops for ages. In one of the shops, they were clearing out the seasonal goods at rock bottom prices so Jof bought 7 (seven) (sieben) Master Blaster giant water rifles for a PuddleParty next summer. Hurrah for planning ahead.
It's Jof's birthday today so we had a special slap-up lunch at Pizza Hut to celebrate. We all ate until we couldn't fit any more in and even brought some home in a box.
Before going home to pick up Elizabeth, we nipped into a bank where we could see a cardboard cutout of the Freaky Boy Scout staring disapprovingly at us from the doorway. We asked nicely if they had another one we could nick to shoot at and burn at the Puddleparty and whaddya know? They had a spare one upstairs on the business till and they didn't want him either. I took the same customer lift up the back stairs I used to play on every Saturday until health and safety (the Puritan Fun Police) said I wasn't insured and banned us from playing in the restricted areas.
toroidal orbiting platform in the parkSo we took him home on the bus and the bus driver made many drole comments about how he should be charged half fare. He also categorically stated that I was under 5 years old so I didn't have to pay, this was most gratifying as I never pay anyway.
Elizabeth was at Pop's place, as was Erin. We inherited them all and went to the newsagent for Brain Lickers (like a roll-on deodorant for the tongue, in a variety of flavours) and met Pops and Ruby down there, buying the same. It being a lovely afternoon we visited the park en masse and then all 4 of them came back to ours for artwork. It was extremely busy for a while until one by one, they went home for suppers various. Following bath fizzer night, bedtime was 11pm again. Should this log entry contain errors, my ghost writer has had too many spirits. Haha.
Today is my first Blog-aversary, one year of burbling, hooray.

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