Friday, 23 September 2011

Suitable for regular use

colon blow breakfast cereal with laxative effects
Swimming lesson again today.
A nice woman has bought the duplo lego so that'll get collected tonight, shame, I really enjoyed using it again after its year in the loft, but now I have become a man, I must put away childish things etc. I wonder what else we can sell from the loft.
cable drums, flags of the world and planetsI think they want to keep the collection of stuffed Grandmothers and they're holding on for a resurgence in the used plant pot market. Apparently I have missed my chance to be sold to a rich Arab or American couple as I am now too old, pre-sentient is preferable as the child in question will not remember its real name.
Swimming was ace. I'm getting really good and I even did backstroke today.
I've also been given spelling homework so I have to be able to write words such as dream, repeat and sea. He was training me up on completely different words that seem to make a coherent sentence such as "Anything you can do, I can do better, I can do anything better than you".
Here are 2 cable drums, part of the ongoing collection for November 5th. Apparently he's built Robot #2 which is capable of holding up to 4 lit fireworks!

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