Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Giraffe. You are 'avin' one

drunk driver of locomotive train engine
As summer is finally with us I have elected to go to school in shorts today, to show off my bike power legs.agent provocateur Amy with hat full of woodchips
armed hippy girl and angled roundaboutWednesday park was great. No Ben or Erin sadly but lots of schoolfriends and we all ganged up on the usual target and stole his hat, filled it with woodchips and put it back on him. Now it has to go in the laundry.

The JBs and Elizabeth and co-conspirators Rosie/Zak/Amy and many others made woodchip piles again and had another go on the toroidal basket of doom and we all got hot. Looks like the weather will be good for another few days so here's to hotpants and tank tops, I might just go out in socks.

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