Friday, 16 September 2011

The frigid midget with the rigid digit

nude sunbathers eating waffles warning sign
Not the time of year to go nude in this country. I have indeed used the nudist beach for its intended purpose but now is not the time.
Actually quite a nice afternoon, so going to swimming lesson instead. Today in school I made another of those random cardboard creations with a couple of straws attached at jaunty angles. I declare this to be a battle tank with bi-directional guns and shot several of my friends on the way home.
After an excellent swimming lesson in which I went underwater and touched the bottom (of the pool, not the swimming attendant) and did backstroke (like a starfish, not of the swimming attendant) we visited ElizabethsDad who was overjoyed that we had delivered packet #4 of moving-house boxes. Apparently he has filled 8 boxes so far with books alone and expects to get to 20, lucky this delivery was of larger containers so other random things like clothes and cooking utensils can follow them to their new abode.
dinosaur diorama cut-out display with pterodactyl and tyrannosaurus rex
We may be looking after the Pops and the Beth for a while tomorrow so while Jof and I were making a dino-diorama Bud hoovered the entire house, as you do, to ensure Beth will be un-dusted. Meanwhile, the collection of home-grown gourds, pumpkins, squashes and marrows grows (literally) by the day. If only there were some kind of halloween-based cucurbit celebration upcoming. Noisy and giggly showertime starts 2200, who knows when it'll finish.

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