Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The elephant in the room

one hundred trillion zimbabwean dollars banknote, rampant inflation
He promised me a trip to LittleMax's house because he has a dentist's appointment today. Then he looked closer at the calendar - MY dental appointment, NOT his. When I learn to read I'll never make elementary schoolboy errors like that. Wonder why they call them schoolboy errors when it's adults that make them?
The dentist was happy with my teeth again, but he didn't count them this time. Then we hastened to LittleMax's house with 1 guitar and a mouth organ and I played for hours. I had all my supper including the baked beans that I don't like. Upon my return I headed straight for the duplo lego we're selling, have to get as much use out of it as I can. The 5 friends in my head and I quackled and barkled in the dark in a lego role play - too busy to turn on the light.

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