Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lifeguards: the sinking woman's crumpet

quiz question what colour is blue?
Second last football day. I shall miss it.
A question. If you eat lunch on a train, is it a Chattanooga chew chew?
Football was good. It's all coming together for us, we're just getting good and joining in properly, facing the right direction, kicking the ball not hootling, messing about and falling on the ground. It's been ages since we had a light-sabre fight.
Anyway apparently we'll get certificates from a named premiership footy star next week for our efforts, a crying shame it couldn't go on for another year. Cheers to the teachers, they've been great.
Incidentally, Bud did the same 5 mile run again while I was playing, this time he found a bag of unopened packets of chocolate bars in a Sainsbury's bag on a bench on the seafront. That's nearly 3 weeks' worth of lunchboxes for me. Hurrah for forgetful people and opportunists.
football coaches and eager students

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