Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bev-olution. From mead to iBräu

stop eating animals without steak sauce edited funny sign
Wednesday park. Another sunny day so it was very busy. Ben is completely better and we were very glad to see each other and get on with some serious parking. The grass had just been mown so we threw a bit of it around. There was also Rosie and Zak, who has had the kind of grade #1 haircut that Bud dreams of inflicting upon me. Erin arrived with the JoniBobs and with numerous unknown hangers-on we set about pelting each other with hastily gathered clods of grass cuttings.
large bag of greek fruity sweets being emptied
Follower Fiona had kindly brought back a massive bag of Greek sweeties (she's not a Greek gift-bearer so that's OK) with specific orders that I should share them with my friends (especially Pops) so we opened it and got stuck right in, they went down really well. ErinsMum arrived with Dylan the Littledog but due to inoculation rules he wasn't allowed to touch the ground: he spent the whole time wriggling on her lap.
After sampling all the usual park fun furniture (including the hanging basket, we're getting better at queuing up for it) we rediscovered the climbing rocks. We created a monster hill of woodchips and grass and we all played king'O'the castle variously.
children on climbing rocks in parkpile of grass cuttings and woodchipsThus we had a great time and occupied the requisite 2 hours' worth of fresh air until the clod-throwing got a bit excessive and some teenagers put down their special bespoke herbal cigarettes and started throwing our regular grass as well. There were 5 Greek sweets left over (all of them cherry-flavoured) so I delivered 3 to Pop's house.
Jof was late home again because the bank had lost the keys again so I was most of the way through my large 3-course supper before she got back and I distributed her birthday chocolate again.

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