Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The quick and the dead

Jedi Knight star wars fan baby names
During one of my most recent incarnations as a 1970s schoolboy boarder, I assumed the "quick" in the title were those quickest to make their beds and get down to breakfast.

Carpeted by your boss? Unsure about underlay? Then ring the 
Don’t let it all pile up – confront your worsted fears - or there'll be hell toupee

What to do on a Tuesday? Bud had to stay behind after school and say sorry after he said Erin was fat and made her mum sad. But while he was getting told off, I got myself invited round to hers for tea, because it wasn't my fault and I'm gorgeous, right? Let's hope I don't inherit his ability to put his foot in it. Maybe I could try googling that Russian Mail Order Dads website.
Had an excellent time making a train line that went into 3 rooms. Played with Dylan the little dog and he jumped up and licked me a lot, then bit my shirt and trousers. He likes digging at the little window in the washing machine when the clothes go round, I gave that up months ago but I guess he's only a puppy. I was delivered back home after supper, Bud paid flowers on delivery for my safe return. I then changed into my mufti trousers (age 2-3, same as baby Edward) and played lego while reciting "Down, boy, sit! Sit!"
After pudding I allowed my mother to have some of her birthday chocolate after taking a hefty up-front cut, same as every other manipulative 5 year-old. Trick is to make it look like you're doing her a favour, and then use that favour (while still warm) to gain my own TV program.
This was cut short by them wanting me to go to bed on time. What's going on?

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