Monday, 12 September 2011

When I throw the dice, each one comes up 9

overhead traffic lights on fireWindy Monday. On the way out of school I noticed a pile of broken pallets by the front gate so we nabbed a couple of planks for the bonfire. Due to the rough-hewn nature of pallet planks, he warned me repeatedly about splinters. I got none whatsoever until I threw the wood into the burnbox, when I suddenly got a massive one. Bud has a dissection kit left over from A-level biology so we have a selection of flesh-cutting tools, mounted needles, spatulas and tweezers; I tweezed the splinter out myself (tool-using ape).
In the afternoon we got the car back from the garage. The car doctor has given it 6 months to live. We investigated the spanner-tunnel under the garage floor where the mechanics can run up and down fixing the bottoms of the cars.
jumping off the cupboard onto the bed game
I have a new job at school. I am "Line-ender" and my task is to wait until all the boys in my class have returned from playbreak and then attach myself to the end of the line, like a telomere capping a chromosome. Katelyn is my oppo on the girls line. In a couple of weeks we will all experience cross-training/job rotation and I shall assume the mantle of the Pencil Pot Monitor for Leopard table. Shortly I expect to be made Lord Mayor of Mercia.
As an aside, here is the people-at-work warning sign that currently adorns my bedroom door. I like "iumpjng" with principal squeeze Poppy so much I have drawn a diagram. Indeed. Fiters take it in turns to iump off the 3-drawer unit onto the bed. Although I love to iump with Pops, it should be said that I have also been iumpjng with Ben on the side.

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