Sunday, 4 September 2011

New room at the inn

making a den out of furnitureWhen I got up (10am) he was already painting. I told him the reddish colour was better than the stone castle colour and passed comments on his rollering skills while watching Scooby Doo. I could see today turning out just like yesterday for lack of interaction so went to get Pops. She had a date with Erin so when Erin came to collect Pops I got them both in my new improved den while ErinsMum did a little dance in the new room about how lovely the colours were.
valspar paint new brick and new traditionI then got invited to go with them by doing my sad face when they left. I wonder if the Kardboard Haus of Kraziness is still there, lots of den potential there.
cutting the birthday cakeLater, this arrangement was overridden by JoniBobsDad's 45th birthday party which was another BBQ. Bud joined us there and was followed later by Jof. Splendid get-together again, much playing on the hovercraft and in the lego room while the hoverparents dealt with the beer overload. We filled up on sausages, wotsits, chocolate cake, pasta and cordite while they talked paint, parties and so forth. Finally extricated ourselves at 8 something (some have school tomorrow) and wandered back for showertime and laughter. Hooray for everything, may the PuddleGroup never end.

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