Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stupid Pooh-head and the blustery day

morning glory, san pedro, coffee plantsFirst up: the conservatory. Here I am with 3 different species of morning glory (Ipomoea spp), the San Pedro cacti (Trichocereus pachanoi) which are now way taller than me but the same age, some ginger, liquorice root, basil and a pot of coffee plants. Nonono, a plant pot containing coffee plants (Caffea arabica) not a "Pot of coffee" plant. playing with waves at the beach
The weather-guessers had told us that it was going to be windy due to the remnants of hurricane somebody-or-other landing on us. So naturally the only thing to do was to go down the seafront and throw rocks into the outsize waves. Parking up near the lost shop in the abandoned wasteland that is Eastney, we walked through to the swimming baths and hit the beach from there. It was high tide so we played you-can't-get-me attack with the waves, mostly we won but not always so we all got wet.
getting feet wet by large wave
surrounded by water on a stormy beachThere was much debris thrown up by the sea including a coconut: either it's from the Caribbean or just from a coconut shy in Gosport, you never know. Perhaps it will come to rest on Hayling Island and grow happily ever after. We found some excellent rocks (these are the concrete cubes that dot the British coastline to defend against Nazi landing craft and tanks) to stand on and mock the impotent sea but again, we weren't always right. We could see some excellent wave action down by Fort Cumberland so we headed off slowly to the nudist beach (fresh out of nudists today) and climbed the sea wall right to the end where two fat men (just sitting there in the wind) dissuaded us from nipping in through the hole in the security perimeter (both holes are passable but they've added even more razor wire so be careful) so we wandered back so Jof could have a cup of tea and take off her soaked trainers.
On the way past Tunnel park we saw that the trains were running and vowed to return.
collecting conkers in autumnAfter a 330pm lunch we hopped on the bike and headed to the park. On the way we met Wifelet #1, "Pops" and family but they were going out so couldn't train with us. Immediately upon entering the park, however, we discovered the JoniBobs conker-hunting.
Ever since I found that coconut this morning, I have had a mental block against the word conker, so while they hunted for conkers, I hunted for coconuts.
 a ride on the miniature trainsWe were all highly successful and JoniBobsMum ended up with a splendid haul with which to adorn her fireplace. Once we'd placated Bobert who was viciously attacked by a rabid dog (sniffed by one in passing) we all headed off to the trains on our bikes, because you just have to.
We all got 2 circuits and went to climb in tunnel park itself until it was the JBs hometime, when I cheekily got another train ride which I now see may have been unfair, doing it in front of them. Of course we had to cycle back through swingpark so hunted coconuts again, bringing home the 3 largest ones to show Jof.

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