Thursday, 8 September 2011

If it ain't one thing it's her mother

salvation army thrift store tits signFootball today, one of the few remaining sessions before the money runs out for the charity that subsidises it.
I'm also back on Gymnastics - for the rest of the year, based in the gym at Ruby's school. Perhaps I'll get a certificate from this one.
football game in the sunshineAfter school we hastened down to footy after a quick pie/quiche/choc yogurt snack, as you do. All the usual contenders were there (even Elizabeth came down to fly her kite) and once he'd played goalie for a bit, Bud went off on a 5 mile run leaving us to get on with it. We're all glad the weather gave us this window of opportunity, winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance. After the match (my team won, but Johnny said we cheated) we shared out the spoils of our parent's food parcels of all nations as only well-trained 5 year-olds will do.

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