Saturday, 24 September 2011

The future's so bright.....

Steinway baby grand pianoToday I visited Portsmouth Grammar School on their open day. As we only had an hour or so before my gymnastics lesson we only saw a very small proportion of it, but what we saw was impressive enough. Bypassing the strategically placed greeters, we headed for the far corner which turned out to be the music block. A choir was practising the Messiah (they must have known I was coming) and I played a harpsichord and tinkled the ivories on a Steinway (£47,500).
Upstairs we discovered an unattended drum kit in the recording studio and even more pianos. I won a sweetie for playing Frere Jaques.
running on a treadmillGaining unsupervised access to a flat roof from the back of the theatre, I saw a gym so we found it by way of the refectory, watched some demonstration squash and hockey training (yes, all the girlies had jolly hockey sticks) before hitting the multigym. I could not reach any of the bodybuilding stuff like bench presses etc but I learned how to operate the treadmill in 2 seconds flat. Next up was Design and Technology where I operated a drill, foreign languages where I marvelled at the flags, politics where I counted the number of chairs in the room (18, a clue to maximum class sizes) and history, where I took apart some Russian dolls with the faces of some of their more ruthless dictators. They have a freaky boy scout! He's taller than ours, though.
idiot president george w bushWe were fast running out of time so while Bud went to find the application form (use your £50 non-refundable application fee here) I watched the bongo band and exploding hydrogen demonstration. I then gave him the slip and wandered off to the biology labs on my own for 15 minutes, no final frontiers for me. Eventually I allowed myself to be recaptured and we headed off to the gymnastics class, where I met Erin doing trampolines. On the way home we ate what may well be the last of the railway blackberries.
I enjoy "demolition", a game on the FRIV site where you strategically place dynamite to destroy buildings.
During bath fizzer night Bud tried to obtain a Pops for tomorrow's excursion but she was pre-booked.

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