Thursday, 29 September 2011

I shall be weighed and measured in the balance...

naked hippy at rally scares small boy
Measuring day! Results will be posted for all to see the magnificence of my corporeal form. Shame I'm still the smallest.
Football day! We are promised certificates handed out by Linvoy Primus himself!
Good news everyone! I'm on track to become a Cult leader: I have won my first election. I am Class Representative for the rest of the year (I get my own badge and everything) having been voted in by my peers in a free and fair election as determined by international observers. I will attend monthly meetings and bring the desires of my electorate to the despatch box.
getting certificate from Linvoy Primus premiership footballerGood news everyone! I have grown a stunning 1.5cm in the last quarter, bringing me to 112cm the lot. OK, so I'm small but I'm trying.
It was super-sunny again and once I'd got back from school I played lego in pants until it was time to go to football, and even then I wore the skimpiest footy kit I could find.
graduating football class of 2011 with certificatesWe got there just in time to add my name to the card that BensMum had done for the teachers using the printed picture that we took last week. Then we got stuck in to running around in summer temperatures so we all had pink faces and sweaty hair.
sausage and chips dinner on a granite tabletop
Once we'd completed the final match (we lost) we were all called to the middle and Linvoy came along to do a little speech and hand out the certificates and pose for pictures, because he's really good at it and a nice man to boot. I didn't boot him.
Once we'd all had our pictures taken Jof joined us hot-foot from work and we all decided to get a celebratory slap-up soss'n'chips from the Deep Blue Chish'na'fip emporium with its generous chip portions and generously proportioned chip servers. We all went in the JoniBobs car and argued all the way to the rabbit field where we ate chips and waved at buses and ran around the bushes and looked for rabbits and played cricket. Ben seemed to be unhappy but didn't tell us why, we eventually left because it was getting dark.
Valete football, you have been stalwart: we'll find something else.

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