Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back to school - Sophomore year!

Welcomed back by dark skies, monsoons and Alannah, my crazy ex-girlfriend.
minigolf scoresheet and holiday diary entrybaby urinating on fathers shirtIt was all a bit strange in the new classroom but we got on with it straight away. I forgot to take my holiday diary so have the chance to write in another page this afternoon and pretend I did it last week. Look, I've put it next to the Butlin's minigolf game so it looks like I did it ages ago.
It was so windy and rainy today we only got one playbreak but we'll get our own back.
This term I shall be doing more singing than last year, don't know why.
At supper they wanted me to finish my plate so I pretended I needed to be sick which brought the meal to a satisfactorily swift conclusion. All that chewing is too much effort. I was then magically reinvigorated and roped Jof in for several games of snap under my own rules (if you get there first, the hand is declared null and void and I get another go).
The typhoons chased the gales from the sky in a downpour of blues (the sky is crying, look at the tears running down the street) apart from when the eye of the storm passed over just when Jof caught the bus. In the lull we harvested tomatoes.

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