Friday, 9 September 2011

Now we are 6

krazy kaves ballpit action with climbingmerry-go-round spinning pole in playzone krazy kavesWell Erin is anyway. 6 is so old, nobody's 6 - apart from Johnny, and it feels like he's been 6 for 10 years. Today is party day actually on Erin's birthday for a change not on the following weekend or, in my case, a couple of months later. Thus I shall miss my swimming lesson today, I shall blame her if I drown.
Raced home and changed into party shorts.
Walked to the Kaves and was met my MeinHost Erin, to whom I gave a pink rattling present. Bit by bit the whole Puddlegroup arrived with bonus PuddlersPast such as Zak'n'Zena and a whole slew of schoolfriends. This crossover party was particularly good as we took over most of the room in that way that only a real team can.
birthday girl with cake and candle at krazy kaves
Alannah StrangeLucy Strangeboy with blond quiffAfter much hard and sweaty work foodtime was called and we trouped upstairs to the cramped and hot party thermidor at the end of the corridor. Erin StrangeThere were many chips and Erin got a cake with a rocket on it like JoniBobsDad did last week. With encouragement she managed to blow it out as well.
Then, as a supplementary surprise, it was Luca's birthday as well so he also had a cake but it was practically an afterthought, poor chap. The room was full of strange children of which Bud and I were only 2.
At the end we walked home with LittleMax and the entire massed ranks of the Puddlers did a drive-by hootenanny as they went down the pub. LittleMax came back to ours as it was cheaper: we played all the musical instruments and harvested some tomatoes before he went home.

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