Monday, 26 September 2011

Robot number 2

lynch 4th graders funny sign
Straight out of school we went to the post office to weigh and stamp up the latest Ebay sold item.
adjustable firework robotIs it really worth it when the sale price is less than the postage? For the proud new owners, I suppose so. But once we'd done that and hunted for more conkers, we got home and I met Robot #2. It has a sleek solid body fashioned from a stripped-down pump casing or similar and 3 bendy arms from adjustable lamps. It's hollow all the way down and will be very good for holding bananas and setting off fireworks. It should even be able to light its own explosives if the arms are positioned correctly. Perhaps if we put the banger in the bottom and a banana on top, I could shoot the fruit skyward.....

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