Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My hair turns grey as another day fades away

hospital safety funny sign patients not allowed to buy food from cafeteria
Only a couple of days to measuring day - I shall be 5 ¾. Where does it go? You turn around, and you're old.....
Last night I dreamt I had a house so big, I hadn't been in one of the bathrooms since I first bought the house.
Another sunny afternoon so I headed purposefully for the lego pit. He persuaded me to join him in the garden, but every time I tried to help it was "using the hedgetrimmer" or "moving the 10-stone plant pots" so in the end I piled all my worldly possessions into one wheelbarrow and, slinging my outsize cricket set over my shoulder, moved out. Once he'd moved the giant plant pots and swept the garden, I was able to move back home so all's well that ends well.
Jof had designated my eventide repast to be noodles with veg, but I got a bonus black pudding to boost protein levels.

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