Friday, 2 September 2011

Makin' it happen

scottish motorway crash with upended lorryUp at 0700, ready to go for 0720, eat your heart out, people over 5.
Jof is in bed with a cold, Nanna is home from the hospital, and Grandma/Grandad are in the Aegean (or the Adriatic).
First up: 2 hours of train track with Ben. We made a combination track so long, it went into 4 rooms. Then we made a den which helped us play Concealed Weapons when the JoniBobs arrived. We headed off en masse to Ben's friend in the Witterings and after a bit of trampolining in the front garden, hit the beach. Ben has an inflatable boat with a rope and his Dad towed us out to sea only for us to be washed back in again on a giant wave. We had horse's willies and chips with Butlins ketchup sachets. My wetsuit (£3 from the charity shop a couple of years ago) was absolutely ace and I love the smooth feel of it against my skin etc. The day itself was the last good day of the summer and we made the most of it - boating, beaching, sanding and rocking.
After a hasty retreat to Pompey I had 5 mins telly before it was off out again to swimming lessons. My teachers were different this week and one had a really big tummy, but I didn't tell her because Bud has instructed me in how to please the ladies from his vast experience.
Pictures will be added later. Not of the big tummy.
I missed out on going to the pirate ship pub because Jof didn't even get home until 7. But as she arrived, Follower Binkie and his dear wife Adele phoned to praise me, as everyone should.
ugly children pulling faces
inflatable boat and waves
happy children playing with rocksbalancing on sewage pipe going out to sea

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