Sunday, 18 September 2011

Keeping up with the JoniBobs

hops flowers drying: pumpkins, squashes, marrows, gourds and other cucurbitsBecause Jof had consumed a birthday vino, I thought it only right and proper to wake her up at 0230 using the old "My leg hurts" chestnut.
Here are the pumpkins, two of them went mouldy and had to be composted so I got Bud to take this picture of the survivors in case none make it through to Halloween. Also visible are some hops for the home-brewer at his work and some pretty birthday flowers from Elizabeth.
al fresco lego constructionWe have an invite to the 10th hole for lunch from the JoniBobs. Met them at the hallowed venue for our first mass Puddle-lunch @ the hole, most of us had a sausage-based repast. Ben had overcome his glue ear sufficiently to join us which was nice, I presented him with the lego helicopter I'd chosen for him and we all clubbed together to build it. Johhny knows how to play hangman and can do it with some quite long words but they're always ships. So once you've got the HMS bit at the beginning it's all downhill sailing from there.
throwing rocks into the sea, cloudy day
After the meal we ran to the seafront to throw rocks. I know it does seem that all I do is throw rocks into the sea but it's a simple and cost-effective pastime that anyone can do, so all 4 of us got stuck in there, ably assisted by some PuddleDaddies. The sky got a bit moody and we could see a rainstorm moving our way from the island so we ran away and did our shopping instead. The on and off nature of the lumpy rainclouds meant that we'd always be at risk of getting wet so we just planned for a quiet afternoon.


Much later I decided on a bike ride to the pier to play Zwolf.
crazy golf on the pierarsonists destroyed this seafront building owned by harry redknappAs we got to the front door it lashed it down something chronic so we waited. When the sun came out again we achieved the pier in record time and got to work zwolfing. The holes are very different, Bud got a hole in one, both of us got a couple of twos but also we both got a couple of 17s and some sour grapes where we declared the hole to be impossible anyway.
south parade pier at sunsetSuddenly Jof arrived. She explained that it was lashing it down at home and she'd driven down to rescue us, but as we were laughing our socks off in bright sunshine she felt a little silly (me).
sewage outflow pipe into the solentWe went inside and played on the machines with the flashing lights and had a game of skittles. Then we hit the seafront and drew our names in the sand with a stick and threw rocks at the triangular warning beacon on the sewage outflow pipe. On the way back I did a really good shot but nobody was watching, a rebel without applause.
Jof gave us a lift home. Good thing about my bike is, it fits in the boot. I played FRIV deep into the night, no games tomorrow and I'd better get up bright as a button, apparently.

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