Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Today. It's yesterday's tomorrow and tomorrow's yesterday

arabic tourist guide piss port said ismaillia sinai suezWednesday and my second day back at school. No wonder I'm confused.
Last night I revealed that yesterday we played "Name Bingo" with its 8-grid of names, first to win gets control of the pencil pot for the rest of the week. This is just so we get to know each others names in this new hybrid Year 1/Year 2 mixed class. But more important is that I told them, instead of reporting that this week in school we did
1. "Err, dunno"
2. "Don't remember"
3. "Umm....can I have my program now?"
Maybe gradually I will draw aside the diaphanous veil of secrecy that surrounds our classroom activities. I told them I did so much writing today it went onto a 3rd page but they'll never remember this at year-end when I bring all my coursework home.
It was technically a Wednesday so we parked. As Elizabeth and Emma have started school we got an even better turnout with Erin, Ben, Louis and the JBs and there were quite a few others from my school as well.
child crying on park recreational toy, guilty partyWe had the usual snacks and the usual tiffs, Ben laid one on the much larger Louis early so he had the first howl but over the period all of the boys tried it. While I was hiding under the slide nursing a scratched head, Erin came in to hug me as she counts me as her boyfriend. If you look carefully at my bottom (if that's your thing) you can see the button that's supposed to be at the front. Bud and BethsMum only noticed my trousers were on backwards right at the end, their laughter was reason 3 of 5 for my later tears.
swinging in the parkThen Ben clumped Louis another one so he had to go home. I found the hanging basket empty so got us all on and we swung until Ruby arrived looking for some swinging basket action. Bobert howled and we all thought he'd been injured but it turned out that while swinging, he'd broken off half his breadstick and was mourning the loss. Once I'd thrown a large stick at Johnny's head for kicking wood chips at me, I too was escorted home by security and I made sure (through all the blubbing) that Bud knew it was all his fault.
Erin is getting a dog. I hope it's not a jumpy-up, licky dog, and that Pops isn't allergic to it.

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