Monday, 5 September 2011

The last day of summer

lift safety notice, no lifeguard on duty
Pops is back at school today but I have a last-minute reprieve in the form of an inset day. Jof has promised me a trip on the hovercraft to the Isle of Wight so I can show her the sandy beach.
In other news, it's make or break day for the car. The garage will see how much it'll cost to fix it for another year and then compare that sum to the current value of the car itself. Maybe they'll have to throw it in the bin.
riding a double decker busIn the end I was cheated out of my trip on the hovercraft due to inclement weather. The backup plan was always Pirate Pete's which is right next to the Hoverport. So in we went, clutching bags full of buckets and spades etc....
We ate a hearty repast in that paragon flagship of cuisine, the Wimpy, and then wandered aimlessly getting buffeted by the storm force winds. The waves were coming over the sea wall but I still wanted to play minigolf: I was placated by the offer of a trip in a double decker bus, ironically the same one I first went on with Margaret. It's the Portsmouth to Brighton service, so we could have done it years ago, so why did we have to go to Goring to ride one? As we didn't actually want to leave town, we just got it from the pier to Palmerston Road, a crow's flight of a few hundred yards only, but it's the principle of the thing. After a mere 15 minute wait, I secured seat #1 for myself, the only seat worth having on a DD bus.
Tonight was the last-minute frantic search for all my gym kit, the things I was supposed to have collected for school, the things I was supposed to have written, read, kept, printed out..... perhaps I've just been having too much fun. I can give it up any time I like, officer, I'll start working hard first thing in the morning, honest...

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