Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It's better to burn out than to fade away

Monday morning feels so bad,   ♪♫
Everybody seems to nag me
Coming Tuesday I feel better,
Even my old man looks good,
Wednesday just don't go,
Thursday goes too slow,     ♫♫
I've got Friday on my mind

Do the three day drag once more,
Know of nothing else that bugs me
More than waiting for the weekend,
Hey I'll finish school one day,
Today I might be mad,             ♫♪
Tomorrow I'll be glad,              ♪♫
I've got Friday on my mind

george w bush idiotAfter school I realised that we had no wood for the bonfire. We have some cardboard and some pallet corners but not enough to keep it going long enough for the fire-obsessed Puddleparents. So we tooled up and went shopping. We drove out of our road and Bud saw ElizabethsDad walking home so he wound down the window and shouted "Okai the Noo" at him which may be some sort of beer anthem, I certainly don't want to okai my noo any time soon. Then Bud drove slowly up and down the back streets of Portsmouth trying not to look suspicious while I looked out for wood. At wood house #1 there was no-one home so we hurriedly bundled the random offcuts that were stacked near their front door into the boot of the car. They were obviously having a bathroom refit and sure enough, the builders came back as we were finishing and cordially asked us if we wanted to take away the dead toilet as well.
Battling with the one-way system we were able to pass ElizabethsDad a further twice and I sailed past, waving regally. Then, while we were passing the increasingly bewildered man (and he already has a high background bewilder coefficient) a fourth time Bud spotted some cupboard doors outside a house. The owner was so happy we wanted to take away the doors and a small cabinet that she promised to put some more out for tomorrow.
O what fun I had taking off all the screws and brackets when we got home. More tomorrow!


  1. Hello, as we are getting the removal men to pack for us, we have some spare boxes that you gave us that never got used. So, we can bring some to burn. x

  2. And we have some too a's the Hunts wont need ours!!


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