Monday, 18 April 2011

Take me away from all this

assorted ammunition and old willie dutch cheese
Guns'n'cheese, a still life by Bud Lington aged 41 3/4
So with luck ErinsMum will be out of hospital today. Apparently she shares a room with 3 others, as follows, and is keen on leaving them to it.
Cadaverous emaciated female #1: believes it is 1910 and calls everyone George, particularly when she's talking to thin air.
Corpselike elderly Biddy #2: the only way you know this one is not in fact bereft of life is because of the constant rasping snores.
Pallid skeleton #3: no longer self-aware, both mentally and in toilet terms. Can make only one noise: "Araaagh!".
I spent the day at the YMCA with Ben and the JoniBobs and was outside enjoying the sun when I wasn't drawing pictures of ships and submarines and destroyers and pirate vessels and those JoniBobs have got a lot to answer for. Chosen extra activity; bowling at Gunwharf.
Word of the day: Turno-twister. This is a man with both arms on the same side of his body. Not a particularly high scorer in Scrabble but it'll surprise 'em.
children's art project from ymca childminding charter academy portsmouth

Here's the pick of the bunch of the masterpieces done this afternoon for Punchbag Bud.
On the left is my first mathematical equation which Bud solved for me.
Ben created the other 2:
1. HMS Sheffield D80 replete with ET scarecrow figures and giant tampons
2. urcdgrol (HMS Ark Royal) (schizophrenically also named HMS Hood) plus baldy man.


  1. Bud I can clearly see that the mathematical equation that max wrote is a multiplication one! 6 X pirate ship! Please redo and see me after class.
    Miss Stacey

  2. The prof clearly stated it was a plus sign, he's not too hot on multiplication yet. Who are you to complain about the angle of the x/+, little Master urcdgrol? In fact, if we're dissing, what was that you asked me last week about how on earth I wipe my own bum? In the interest I think we should leave it there and er embrace and make up (not eyeliner)
    ps as a separate issue I'm still available for corporal punishment after class, Miss Stacey

  3. Um yes well as I am not going to be able to wipe my own bum til I'm 18 (despite Nana telling me I won't get a girlfriend), I shall defer to you, old fellow.

    Miss Stacey is available for parties, oops I mean punishment to order.



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